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          2. About

            More than 10 years' experience in glass industry management, 6S and 8S pioneer of bottle maker, Northwest University science and technology achievements transformation.

            James Lee


            Xinyi Sanhe Glass Co.Ltd was founded in 1999 and specialized in cosmetics glass bottles - perfume bottles, cream/lotion bottles and reed diffuser bottles. ? With 50,000 square metres' premise including 26,000 square meters' production workshops ? A domestic advanced glass furnace ? Six production lines ? Annual production output of 100 million bottles ? Sanhe Glass is alway dedicated to produce high-difficult bottles, especially thick and heavy bottles. ? Exquisite fire polishing craftsmanship.

            One-stop Service

            Sanhe Glass provides customer a full range of service including:
            ? Bottle production line. ? Customized bottle factory line
            ? Coating workshop
            ? Vacuum electroplate workshop
            ? Hand-polishing workshop
            ? Printing and hot stamping workshop

            Green Recyclable Sustainable development

            ? Always insist on green,recyclable and sustainable development
            ? Taking actively part in charity career and offer donation for for local schools
            ? Helping the poor in local communities


            Sanhe Glass always adheres to the sustainable green recyclable development, is committed to produce high-quality products and develop to be a trustworthy company by clients, respected by society, as well as the most valuable and internationally competitive . The company will introduce the second one electric melting furnace in early 2023, equipped with four large glass bottle production lines with 6 sets of double droppers. In cooperation with world-class brands, the production efficiency and quality are expected to reach the international leading level.


            The company's quality management system certified with GB / t19001-2016 / iso9001:2015
            ? In 2017, we are certified as a high-tech enterprise with certificate No.: gr201732003994.
            ? In 2018, we are awarded "Hope Project dream action love Achievement Award". In 2017, it was listed on Jiangsu Stock Exchange Center.


            Sanhe has long been providing professional customized product design and production service for world-class brand companies such as Paul, Watsons, Elizabeth Arden, Amora Pacific, Mercedes Benz, Ajmal and other international first-class brand companies.

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